Take Advantage of Google AdWords to Promote Online Ordering

Online marketing with Google AdWords is one of the most effective methods to grow your restaurant business, because it enables you to reach new patrons. AdWords is the advertising platform owned and operated by Google. It uses two main networks to target users: the Display Network and the Search Network.

The way in which AdWords works is simple:people use search terms (known as keywords) to look for particular products and services. Your paid ad appears next to or above the Google search results once the keywords you’ve chosen for your campaign match those that people are searching for.Many of the sites listed in the search results will also display your campaign. If the searchers click on your ad, it will take them directly to your website.

AdWords offers a keyword analytics tool that’s great for generating visitors to your website. Once you set up your campaigns properly, it allows you to concentrate on people who are searching for what you have to offer. It’s also a very flexible marketing platform, appropriate for all types and sizes of restaurants and other businesses too.

One of the most attractive benefits of AdWords is that it is one of the quickest methods to push traffic to your website. Other types of marketing are expensive, and it can take months for you to see the benefits. In comparison, with AdWords your promotion will appear in the search results as soon as your campaign goes live.

Because the benefits are so immediate, AdWords is perfect for new restaurants, or restaurants just launching their websites. The platform allows you to test not only your menu offerings and your marketing strategies, but also the effectiveness of your website. AdWords is easy to use, but if you feel intimidated after a few tries, you can hire a freelance professional to run your campaigns for you.

With AdWords (in contrast to other marketing methods) you can gauge precisely when you are generating your investment and ROI. Another benefit of AdWords is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Usually people who click are actually interested in what you have to offer, unlike other types of ads. This is because you can make your ads highly relevant to the audience you’re trying to attract, by manipulating keywords for maximum effect.

So how do you take advantage of this supertool to get maximum mileage for your advertising dollar?

Here’s How You Can Leverage Google AdWords to Build Website Traffic and Increase Online Orders

1. Have a Clear Goal

In a June 2014 article written for CIO Perspectives, writer Jennifer Lonoff Schiff quotes Michael Ortner, CEO of Capterra as saying, “The most important part of any SEM [Search Engine Marketing] campaign is to have a clear goal in mind.” Capterra connects sellers of business software with prospective buyers. Ortner added, “The point of almost any AdWords campaign should be to grow sales, as opposed to merely generating brand awareness.”

AdWords uses cost-per-click bidding, where you’re charged only when somebody is interested enough to click your ad. You state the most you’re prepared to pay for a click on your ad (you could be charged less). You have control over your AdWords budget. Once you work out your goals, you choose the average amount you want to spend each day.

2.Write a Compelling Ad

Beware of becoming so immersed in the process of running AdWords campaigns that you ignore the fact that AdWords is primarily about advertising. You therefore need to create compelling ads that will draw potential patrons like moths to a flame. Always include the keyword in your headline and include one of the benefits of ordering from your restaurant in the body of the ad.

You may need to use abbreviations or shorter words for the headline, since AdWords limits you to twenty-five characters. The second and third lines allow for thirty-five characters each. Your display URL, which is the web address that people will see in your ad, shows up right below the headline in the search results, and it has to be the same domain as your site.

3.Use Different Keywords for Different Target Markets

If your target market is the busy urban family and your offer is a discount voucher for a Mexican restaurant, use words like “quick family dinner,” and “healthy Mexican food.” If, on the other hand, your current promotion is being marketed to workers in the office buildings near your restaurant, you can use “best burrito dinner,” or “Mexican lunch options,” and emphasize that you deliver.

Aside from the previously mentioned analytics tool, AdWords also has a keyword suggestion tool, which acts pretty much like a thesaurus. You type in phrases you think prospective patrons will search for, and the keyword suggestion tool will come up with similar, relevant phrases. It will tell you how often people search these phrases, how competitive the keywords are, and how much it will cost you to advertise on each keyword.

4.Make Use of AdWords’ Geo-targeting Feature

AdWords has a geo-targeting feature that’s perfect for restaurants, since they advertise only to patrons within a specific geographic area. It makes no sense getting people in Texas to click on your ad for a burger joint in New York City. Geo-targeting allows you to serve ads only to the areas where you deliver. It is a powerful tool to help target key areas, and avoid others.

You can also modify ads in a locally spoken language to make them more suitable and prominent for your location. Ads that will be shown in the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, Florida, for example, can be customized in Spanish, which will leave a direct impression on residents there. You can concentrate on a targeted geographic audience with specific goals when you tailor your advertisements, and this will give you a better chance of receiving instant traffic and business.

5.Use In-Market Segments

In Market Segments is another cool feature of Google AdWords, which helps you target people already in your market. It results in higher sales, because you’ll reach potential customers while they’re actively researching restaurants, or browsing the type of cuisine you offer. This platform is designed to influence a motivated audience of people who are ready, willing, and able to act on your offer.

6.Adjust Keyword Bids for Device Types

AdWords now allows you to adjust keyword bids to suit the device type your patrons use, so you can have different campaigns for desktop, tablet, and mobile. This ensures that your ads are catering to the device on which they’re being viewed. With more searches coming in from mobile over desktop, it makes sense to focus your energies on producing robust mobile campaigns rather than just modifying the bids based on the device your top patrons are ordering from.

You should also revise the design, copy, and layout of your website, especially since you’re investing money to drive prospective patrons to visit and eventually purchase from you. They are more likely to purchase if your site is attractive and easy to use. Your Effortless Order button should be prominently displayed in order to make it easier for your visitors to order from you.

7.Make Use of Google AdWords Grants

We have good news if your restaurant is part of a nonprofit organization: Google offers a $10K per month grant to eligible nonprofits. You can use grant monies for several different purposes, including advertising your website! Over twenty thousand nonprofits in fifty countries are already taking advantage of this golden opportunity.

8.Measure Your Success

Creating AdWords campaigns involve planning, researching, and execution. The planning stage is described in (1) above, where you ask yourself questions about your restaurant business and the cuisine you offer. During the research stage, you can use the keyword planner, do Google searches for your menu items, and review your analytics data. During the execution phase, you establish your ad groups and campaigns, configure settings, and generate ads.

If somebody clicks on your AdWords promotion, you’ll know. You’ll swiftly see where you cancapitalize on ads that are getting clicks, and you can also abandon the ones that don’t. AdWords gives you other tools to measure your success, for example there’s a tool that helps you determine how much, on average, you spend on advertising that leads to your patrons’ online food purchases.

As this post shows, there are many reasons why you should try AdWords for advertising your restaurant business. A successful and representative campaign requires creativity, time, and a sensible advertising budget. Ensure that you have these elements, and you’ll be able to tweak your ads to produce the best results for your online ordering site.